How to Stop Stubbornness in Teens

Stubborn teens can definitely give hard time but a calm approach can win them over and stop stubbornness at check.

Sharanya Manola
Tips for ParentWritten by: Sharanya ManolaPublished at: Jul 09, 2012Updated at: Apr 05, 2014
How to Stop Stubbornness in Teens

How to Stop Stubbornness in Teens

Every parent goes through the phase where their child behaves contrary to their expectations. Stubborn teens can definitely give hard time but a calm approach can win them over and stop stubbornness at check.

And, if your child is being adamant and wants things to be “his way or the highway” the tips listed below could come handy for you.


  1. Talk it out: Try and speak to your child and understand her/his perspective. Try to find out the root cause of their stubborn behavior. You must try put yourself in their shoes to solve the situation in hand before it gets worse. You might find out that their behavior is a result of your impatience towards them. Make sure you reason it out with them patiently and not mishandle them in process.
  2. Do not yell: You must not yell at your child if they are behaving stubborn. Maintain a cool demeanour and talk to your child uncomplainingly. The vibes your give out will cool your child and will help them talk to you without loosing grip on what is wrong and right.
  3. Stay consistent:  While you’re dealing with your stubborn child in a compose manner it is also important that you lay down a set of rules for them. Tell them that if they flout any rule there will be consequences. This will work only if you maintain a firm stance and will counter your child’s stubbornness.
  4. Communicate: Apart from putting across your point you must also remember that communicating is a two-way channel. Your stubborn child might just want to draw your attention with his unbending ways. Your child might be worried about something and was unable to relay it to you the right way. It is here that your parental instincts must come to work.
  5. Is it genetic?:  Yourself a stubborn parent? Is your behavior influencing your child? Try to reform because parents are in a way the immediate role models for children. You cannot expect your child to behave the way you want them to. Set an example by being rational and calm.
  6. Show you care: As a working parent your life might be hectic and unconsciously we might not pay attention to our kids. But, it is important that you engage yourself in a conversation and appreciate your child for the grades in examinations or for a simple household chore that they did in your absence. It gives them a sense of worth. Appreciation from a parent would dissuade them from being stubborn at all times.


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