How to Register Baby Names

Registering baby name is usually a simple official procedure but you do need to make sure that the information you fill in is accurate.

Vatsal Anand
Written by: Vatsal AnandUpdated at: Jun 27, 2014 00:00 IST
How to Register Baby Names

In most countries of the world, the birth of a child is registered with a government authority. This is an important legal requirement and the certificates granted at this time is needed as proof of identity, with applications of driving license, passports and qualifications related to official work. Apart from the name, gender of your baby, time and date of birth, name of legal parents’ and place of birth is registered along with a registration number.


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Mostly, registering baby names involve a simple procedure that include the following steps –

  • The birth certificate is a simple form having details of the child with signatures of witnesses presiding over such as midwife or doctor, details of hospital in which the birth took place or in case it is not the hospital, the address of the other place.
  • There is some sort of anti copy method used such as inking or delicate patterning to guard against forgery, although this is not that big an issue.
  • You would be given an option to get a short or full certificate with all the details. The details mentioned on short and full birth certificates vary in different countries of the world. In UK, the short certificate would show the baby’s name, gender, date of birth, registration district and sub-district pertaining to the baby’s place of birth.
  • The full birth certificate would have the same details along with some others such as father’s name with place of birth and occupation; along with the mother’s name, place of birth, maiden surname and occupation too.
  • You need to be very particular when filling in these details because changing them is not the easiest. In fact you are not allowed to make alterations but only additions. The birth certificates are many times not even kept by the parents or they are not allowed as it is meant for the authorised registry office.

The parents who insist on having the birth certificate have to make do with a photo copy. You need to pay due attention in filling the birth certificate form as in future it will be the basis for filling information in your kids’ driving license, passport and other work related information.



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