How to Monitor Diabetes at Home

How to monitor diabetes at home? Diabetes can be monitored at home by blood glucose testing. The digital blood glucose monitor is a convenient device for diabetics to look after their condition.

Vatsal Anand
DiabetesWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Jan 21, 2012Updated at: Jan 23, 2012
How to Monitor Diabetes at Home

How to monitor diabetes at home

Home diabetes therapy involves controlling blood glucose levels as well as preventing the complications of diabetes. It is mostly focused at lowering the blood glucose level in your blood, but care needs to be taken to not lower it so much that it leads to other complications such as increased heart rate, losing of consciousness or sweating. There are two types of glucose monitoring devices which can be used at home by diabetics or their care providers.


Blood Glucose Monitoring Tools

  1. Blood glucose reagent strips.
  2. Blood glucose reagent strips with a glucose meter.

The glucose monitoring devices can be used for home use much more easily as the blood sugar gets displayed on the screen which can be read easily. Although blood glucose reagent strips can also be used but determining the blood glucose level involves checking on the changes that have occurred on glucose strip and match the colour on a chart.


Blood Glucose Meters


These electronic devices are far more convenient as they display the result on the screen. The method of testing is simple too. The patient just needs to prick his finger tip in most cases, or the forearm, to extract blood which is placed on a testing strip. This strip is then inserted into the glucose meter after which the value of blood glucose is displayed.

The advantage of using a glucose meter at home is that you can get a feedback right away. Diabetics can immediately make modifications in their diet, insulin intake and exercise based on the results they have obtained through the glucose meter reading. They can exercise more control over their lifestyle with regards to the blood glucose as the devices infuse a sense of control. They can measure on their own that improved lifestyle brought down the glucose level.

Disadvantages of Glucose Meter for Blood Glucose Testing


The high price of glucose meter testing, the discomfort experienced and the inconvenience such as interruption of usual daily activities are some of the disadvantages of using glucose meter for home testing. Moreover, the frustration that a patient feels after getting high blood glucose levels displaying on the meter is hardly conducive for treatment. One of the causes behind diabetes is the release of stress hormones that interrupt the normal function of insulin production.

Despite these problems; glucose home testing is overall a good option for all diabetics to have as it allows them to monitor their own condition.


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