How to Increase Immunity with Ayurveda

Get some tips on improving immunity with Ayurveda. Boosting the immunity of children with Ayurveda can help them develop resistance for the common ailments as well as some serious disease.

Eesha Duggal
AyurvedaWritten by: Eesha DuggalPublished at: Jun 29, 2011Updated at: Sep 16, 2011
How to Increase Immunity with Ayurveda

Ayurveda massage As fall arrives, it becomes even more important to have strong immunity that can successfully safeguard you from cold and flu. Certain tips in ayurveda to increase immunity can be of great help in making you resistant to all the common health imbalances that the changing season brings along. Want to know how to increase immunity with ayurveda? Here are some tips:


Diet Prudence

Our body demands high immunity, especially in winters; thus it becomes important to focus on strengthening it. Treat yourself with a solid diet.

  • Warm drinks and food such as stews and soups fortify immunity.
  • Include in your cooking, spices that are responsible for building immunity such as fennel, turmeric, coriander, cumin and ginger.
  • Select food which is easy to digest such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.
  • Packed, frozen and canned foods are hard to digest and create ama that is a state of incomplete digestion. In addition, they have harmful ingredients. Ahwagandha, guduchi, aamlaki, and shatvari are some of the extremely popular ayurvedic herbs that enhance immunity. They can be consumed in combinations or individually as well.
  • Milk is another immunity booster and it is best is to drink it before going to bed.
  • Consume organically developed foods as they are rich in minerals.
  • Vegetarian proteins, for instance homemade cheese, pulses (lentils split beans and split mung daal) have a prominent role in building strong immunity.
  • The intake of meat is not suggested since it is highly laborious to digest and it also causes ama. Thus it stays out of the ayurveda to increase immunity tips. Cook food till its soft and easy to chew but not necessarily soggy. 
  • Ghee can be used for cooking as it is one  of the most capable digestible fats and is also a recommended immunity booster. Have lunch as your main meal because digestion is strongest during day time. Keep breakfast and dinner lighter for digestion is weakest during these hours.


Body Cleansing


If you have been engaging yourself in a cleansing routine, keep it up because it is a recommended ayurvedic remedies for poor immunity. Go for light meals consisting mostly of vegetables, fruits and grains during spring and autumn. Drink ample amounts of water because it is the best body cleanser.

Oil Massage

Oil massage not only carries a relief providing factor but it also has multiple merits for building up a strong immunity. After an alleviated massage session, freshen yourself with a hot water bath.


Exercises and yoga cannot be excluded from ayurveda tips to increase immunity naturally. Walking and yoga, if included in your daily routine, can be great weapons in fighting everything that threats your body’s resistance. Also, do not forget the age old mantra; early to bed and early to rise to boost your immunity. Sleep well to rejuvenate your organs.

Strong immunity is the key for maintaining stability in health with the changing seasons.You should know how to increase immunity through Ayurveda for a long lasting protection from cold and flu. Increasing immunity in children through Ayurvda should be your priority.


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