How to Get Rid of Pain While Urinating

A general advice given to an individual experiencing painful urination is to visit the doctor at the earliest, though he/ she can also relieve the pain with other remedies.

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PainWritten by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Dec 13, 2012Updated at: Feb 26, 2015
How to Get Rid of Pain While Urinating

Experiencing pain while urinating or even before or after indicates underlying health problems such as kidney stones and urinary tract infection. Persistent pain while urinating can point towards more serious illnesses such as cancer and STDs like chlamydia or gonorrhoea. Men, who are constantly complaining of pain during urination, should be checked for prostate cancer and women should be tested for vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina).  If you have been suffering from genital pain while urinating, it is advised that you immediately take measures to get it treated. Here is how you can get rid of pain while urinating.

Painful Urination

See Your Doctor


As mentioned earlier, a burning sensation or pain during urination indicates development of cancer, UTI or bladder infection and should therefore be given immediate medical attention. Visit your doctor to undergo physical examination to figure out the cause for painful urination.  You will have to give your urine sample to examine it for the presence of blood or any infection of the genitals. To test for cancer, your pelvic examination, X-ray of urinary tract may be taken along with various blood tests. Do not overlook the problem of relieving yourself frequently while talking to your doctor.


Water is the Best Remedy


Drink plenty of water as it will flush out bacteria from the urinary tract. Take at least eight to ten glasses of water every day along with other fluids such as fruit juices to maintain overall health. Water aids the immunity system to fight against infection and its repercussions.

Drinking Water

Cranberry Juice can be Helpful Too


To ease painful urination, you may consume five to seven glasses of Cranberry juice daily as it is an excellent cleanser. The chemical compound called proanthocyanidins found in Cranberry obstructs bacteria from travelling through the urethra tubes, preventing UTI.


Keep Your Genitals Clean


Ensuring hygiene of your genitals helps to prevent vaginal infection or the spread of bacteria through the genitals. Moreover, it provides relief from bladder inflammation and eases pain during urination.  To clean your genitals, add 2 oz. of baking soda in warm water and wait until it dissolves in the water. Now, soak your body in the water with your legs spread wide for 20—25 minutes. To get relief from painful urination, clean your genitals at least two to three times per day for two days.


Take Over-the Counter Painkillers


You may also take over-the-counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve inflammation of the bladder and ease pain while urinating. You must, however, ask your doctor before starting the medications.

Although UTI isn’t life-threatening, it is the most common cause of painful urination. This should, however, not influence you to neglect the risks of developing lethal conditions such as prostate cancer.

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