How to Find Baby Girl Names

Give your baby girl a unique name but watch out against a word that may embarrass her later on in life. Choose a name which both you and your partner adore.

Vatsal Anand
Baby NamesWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Jul 11, 2011Updated at: Jun 27, 2014
How to Find Baby Girl Names

If a new child is expected in your family and it is going to be a girl, you experience mixed emotions in anticipation her arrival.  Apart from the essential preparations of medical treatment, delivery and some items important for keeping the baby at home, you are also wondering about naming her. You should understand that naming your child is important and it can be demanding when you consider that there are thousands of options.

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If you want a common name for your baby, you can choose one anytime but the real deal is to decide upon a name which is unique and expressive of what you want your child linked to. The unique baby names invariably carry significant meaning behind them. Some examples of baby girl names are Akira, a Japanese origin word for anchor but it has unisex connotation, Stuti, the Hindi name of Sanskrit origin means praise, Shiloh is the Hebrew for “His Gift” and there can be countless others.

When you try to decide upon your baby girl name, it is very tempting to keep a name that sounds too sugary, too cute. You do not want your child to be stuck with a word which is suitable only in her childhood. You must factor in everything before making a decision. The name should sound good in every walk of your girl’s life. Whether it looks good on a resume, how it sounds along with your surname or if it can be twisted into a word people will make fun of.

You must guard against making your daughter find herself in embarrassing situations. Parents who want to keep unique names for their daughter can choose a word with significant meaning but at times it does not sound quite right with some professions. Imagine a doctor or professor named “Destiny”, but if the word “Joy”, does not sound odd in any circumstance as a name. Just think about the unique name that you feel like giving your child. An odd-sounding name can embarrass her for the rest of her life. So, naming your child should be given serious thought.

A good idea is to pen down every name that comes in your mind and talk about them with your partner. Go over all the names until you can find one that both of you like. You might want to name your child similar to yourself or your spouse. Take everything into consideration to give your girl a name she can be proud of throughout her life.


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