How to calm your newborn after bath

How to calm your newborn after bath: In order to calm a newborn after a bath, you can try to rock your child, make skin contact with him, produce shushing sound or prepare his mood if he is tired. These are good methods to console your crying baby

Vatsal Anand
Newborn CareWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Aug 22, 2012
How to calm your newborn after bath

How to calm your newborn after bath

Your baby cries to communicate his discomfort and needs. He is likely to cry when wet too and this means after a bath too. You should always try to console your baby when he cries as there is some need that he wants to convey to you. Although it is absolutely normal for a baby to cry after being wet, it can make you impatient. By following some techniques of soothing your baby after a bath, you would be able to help him and yourself.


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Tips to calm your baby after bathing


  • Swaddle your child – This is a very good way of consoling your baby. You would be well advised to use a towel for draping around your baby. This is especially useful if your baby is no more than one or two months old. Fold the towel around the baby in such a way that his arms are closer to his chest and rest of body parts are restricted from flailing.

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  • Prepare his mood – Babies are inclined to be fussier if they are tired and you still try to make them bathe. This is because they associate bathing with playtime which requires all their energy. If you must give a bath right away, first try to get him in the mood with playfulness.
  • Rock your baby – Rocking or taking a walk with your baby can ease his crying. Babies can feel like moving especially when they are wet, and especially when dried after a bath. The child is not developed enough to move on his own and depends on you to move him. You may need to walk for a short while too if rocking does not help.
  • Skin contact – Many babies enjoy being placed on one of their parent’s chest after being stripped with only their diaper intact. Such a complete skin contact gives him warmth that he needs. Moreover, there is a different feel of your baby being surrounded by your scent, with your heartbeat persistently going in his ears. Put a blanket around the two of you. This may be the best way of soothing your baby on many occasions.
  • Shushing sound – Your baby can get too stimulated after a bath, as loud noise or increased activity can have such an effect. In these situations, making him listen to some sort of shushing sound, such as that of the ocean or the sound of whirring fan can help him calm down. You can also create some sort of shushing sound with your mouse and gently rub your baby’s back. Your baby can enjoy these activities after a bath.


If your baby cries after having a bath, the tips given here can help you soothe him quickly. It is important to console a crying baby as soon as possible.


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