Do You Have A Hyperactive Infant and A Kid? Here's What You Need To Do

Having highly active children at home is not less than dealing with a small storm. Their mind is not stable nor do they stay at one place for more than a few minutes

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Feb 06, 2013Updated at: Sep 30, 2019
Do You Have A Hyperactive Infant and A Kid? Here's What You Need To Do

Modern lifestyle is impacting the process of physical and mental development in children. The playground has been replaced by the play stations. In every field, from education to sports, they are under pressure to compete. In this race, it may happen that your child may display symptoms of hyper activeness. In most cases, hyper activeness is not considered harmful. However, it may happen that the kid may end up getting hurt or even hurt someone else in a fit of rage. That is when you need to know where to draw a fine line between hyper activeness and think of ways to keep your child sane and calm. 

Engage Them In Activities 

Hyperactive children should be engaged in activities that direct their physical energy in the right direction. Connecting them to dance, sports-related activities, such as running, basketball, cricket or swimming, can prove to be very good. Neurobics or mental aerobics can help them stimulate the mind, focus attention and make them more alert. So engaging in activities such as playing board games, and solving puzzles that use brains can help channel their energy for something better.

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Soothing Melodies 

We all know that music can prove to be the cure for many problems. In this case too, some light, meditative or classical music can help. Soothing melodies can help relax them. Also, excessive use of televisions, play-stations, video games, mobile phones and computers can act as a catalyst for hyperactive kids. The reason behind this is that cartoons and video games show a lot of movement, loud sounds and bright colors in a short period of time. This gives them a false signal towards normal behaviour, which increases their hyper activity. Instead take them outside for activities in a green environment, which will help them to calm down.

Keep A Check On The Food Intake 

As a psychologist, Neelima Parikh, and a mother od two kids, emphasises on the the importance of food. "It is very important to keep an eye on what the child is eating, especially in morning and at night before going to bed. What you eat is directly related to the brain." Excessive sugar intake increases activity. So put a stop on your child if he/she does excessive consumption of aerated drinks, junk foods, such as pizza, burgers and ice creams."

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Managing A Hyperactive Infant

A hyperactive Infant  can be tiring and trying for the parents, but you need to understand most kids become hyperactive for a reason, i.e. they get very tired, over-stimulated or just to get your attention; some can become hyperactive after eating certain foods. Read to know certain ways that can help you to sooth and relax your baby.

  • Ensure that your baby gets enough sleep and rest; an overtired baby can become hyperactive.
  • Give him a warm bath, this can help to relax and soothe him.
  • If your child likes music, play a soft, soothing tune or sing him a lullaby.
  • Take him for a walk in the stroller; this has a soporific effect on many babies.

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