How to Breastfeed a Newborn?

To make breastfeeding a newborn easy and comfortable for yourself and the baby, brush through these steps on how to breastfeed a baby.

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Newborn CareWritten by: Gunjan RastogiPublished at: Feb 28, 2012Updated at: May 18, 2015
How to Breastfeed a Newborn?

How to Breastfeed a Newborn

Breastfeeding is essential for your newborn as breast milk is considered liquid gold for babies. It builds their immunity against infections and is easier for them to digest breast milk. It is equally profitable for you as it lowers the risks of certain health dangers such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer and type 2 diabetes. For a new mother, it is important to know the ways to breastfeed her newborn, which are:

Breastfeeding Position

The foremost step is to choose the breastfeeding position. Decide whether you want to sit or lie down while breastfeeding. The position must be comfortable for you as well as the baby. One of the common positions of breastfeeding is cradle hold. In this position, the mother sits in an upright position while holding the baby like a cradle; you need to use one hand to support your breast and the other to hold the baby.

Taking Support

While using your decided breastfeeding position, you can take support of a pillow, couch or bed. This support will save your neck and back from strain. While breastfeeding in the lying position, you can give support of a pillow to your baby’s back.

Position of the Newborn

For comfortable breastfeeding, it is important to hold your baby in the correct position. Hold your baby’s belly against your belly and place his or her chin against thelower part of your breast. If the baby twists or moves his/her head frequently gently support the head with your hand otherwise the baby  will not get enough milk or your nipples may get sore.

Provide more Support

Cup your breast with one hand and offer it to your baby. Make sure that the baby’s mouth is wide enough to take in the maximum area of the areola into his/her mouth. Pull him/her closer to you and see how he/she latches his/her mouth to the nipple for the first time. If the baby fails to do so, do not leave in between. Try again until he/she learns to breastfeed.

Keep a Watch on your Newborn

Watch if your baby has widened his/her lips around the areola. While your baby is nursing, you can gently pull his/her lower lip, thereby giving his/her tongue enough space to curl around the areola. Witnessing your baby when he/she is breastfeeding for the first time is a joyful experience, which has no comparison.

How to finish breastfeeding

When your newborn has finished breastfeeding or you want to give him/her the other breast, gently break the suction by inserting your finger in baby’s corner of the mouth. Do this every time you breastfeed or you may bear a lot of pain.

This simple step-by-step breastfeeding guide will help to strengthen your bond with your newborn.

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