How to tell if you have Balance Disorder

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Dec 26, 2012
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  • In balanced disorder, one feels dizzy and as if in motion.
  • A blurred vision is also a common sign of this disorder.
  • Balance disorder must be taken up with the doctor.
  • The doctor checks medical history, frequency of symptoms, etc.

Balance disorder, as it may sound, is a medical condition that makes one feel unbalanced by an involuntary force. If you are suffering from balance disorder, you will feel like you are moving, floating or spinning even when all you are doing is being immobile such as when lying, sitting, standing or being at ease. If you happen to be walking, this disorder will make you feel like you are tripping over.

Balance disorder is perhaps a term that is not as competently used as the word dizzy to describe what is felt when one has this disorder. It is so common that at least four out of ten Americans experiences a dizziness episode that is significant enough to send the person to the doctor.

balance disorder

To draw a conclusive diagnosis can be difficult for a doctor in this case because the term “dizziness” is more subjective than easily understandable. Different people are likely to have different sensations with regards to this term and each fails to really understand or establish how normal or severe their sensations are. Besides, people tend to use different terms for what they feel, such as “vertigo”, “dizziness” and “disequilibrium”.


How to tell if you have Balance Disorder?

One of the first steps to the right diagnosis is to ask and answering certain questions. These include the following:
•    Do you feel unsteady?
•    Does the room appear like its spinning around you?
•    Do you feel that you are moving when in truth, you are sitting at east?
•    Do you have a blurred vision?
•    Do you feel like you are about to fall?
•    Do you feel disoriented?
•    Do you feel like you are about to lose balance and fall?

To help your doctor diagnose your medical condition accurately, you must describe your sensations in the best ways possible. Talk to your doctor about how often you feel dizzy; whether you have fallen previously, are having trouble maintaining balance or you are taking medications for similar or other problems.

Even if the unsteadiness seems normal or usual, you must make sure that you take it seriously and speak to your doctor about it.

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