How Sleep Affects Men’s Sexual Health

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Oct 31, 2011

How Sleep Affects Mens Sexual Health

Sleep directly affects men’s sexual health. Young men who cut back on their sleep hours are unknowingly reducing their testerone level leaving a grave impact on their overall health, especially sexual health.

If you sleep less than five hours then sex hormones are lowererd by 10 to 15 percent, equal to drop down in sexual health of person in 10 years. Testosterone affects more than just libido, it plays a vital part in building strength and muscle mass, as well as bone density. Testosterone hormone not only effect libido but also helps to strengthen muscles and bone density.

Importance of testosterone hormones is seen in the form of male sex hormone. But it’s role in the sleep cycle of men are often left untouched. A recent literature review seeks to bring the needed attention to role of testosterone on sleep cycle of men. The review studied:


  • How lack of sleep affects the testosterone level in men.
  • Role of testosterone in obstructive sleep apnoea.
  • Role of testosterone in sleep-disordered breathing.
  • How testosterone level are linked to sexual dysfunction.


In this review, researchers find out strong link between sleep apnoea and sexual dysfunction, including low libido, impotence, and erectile dysfunction.

It is evident from various studies that low testerone level is a common condition in men that have obstructive sleep apnea. A study examined the relationship between sleep disorders and male sexual impotency, specifically link between obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and erectile dysfunction. Sleeping disorders such as sleep apnoea and insomnia effects sexual health of men.

On an average OSA affects more than 12 million Americans. OSA is characterized by breathing problem while sleeping wherein, the throat muscles relax and blocks the airway. If not treated on time, patient of sleep apnea develop chronic sleep deprivation, diabetes, weight gain and cardiovascular problems. Results also revealed OSA’s links to men’s impotency issues. Good sleep is important for your sexual health. Therefore try to make every effort to improve quality of your sleep.

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