How is Sex Important to a Relationship?

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Mar 23, 2013

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How is Sex Important to a Relationship

Importance of sex in a relationship is absolutely subjective. According to some, sex in a relationship is as important as trust, compatibility and honesty while others may not support this view.

Experts suggest that importance of sex in a relationship mainly depends on the duration of relationship. For instance, the couples who are together for a longer period consider sex to be a vital component of a relationship.


Sex Brings you Closer


Like love, sex also affects our emotional state. An intimate sexual encounter can help to strengthen the bond between two people by increasing love between them. Some people are of view that sex can create spiritual intimacy and make the couple real 'soul-mates'.


Sex can Change Nature of your Relationship


Sex does influence and help your relationship. It can add commitment and sexual intimacy. Some people need commitment before sex and others may need it afterwards but in both the cases your bond is strengthened. People believe that sex is the ultimate expression of love. It is the perfect way of communicating the feelings that can’t be expressed in love.

Importance of sex varies from person to person. So the frequency of sexual intercourse or lovemaking totally depends on your mutual understanding. However, a terrible sexual life or a cheating partner can even break the relationship.

If you and your partner don’t like to have frequent sex, then there is no need to worry. After all what matters most are the priorities of the both of you. However, if your sexual relationship is affected by any kind of problem then you need to sort it out immediately. If there is some problem in relationship that is bothering your partner it can result in decreased sexual contact.


Sex can Make a Relationship Exciting


Good sex can make a relationship more exciting. According to many couples, making love at least twice a week helps to keep the spark alive and maintain excitement in the relationship. Without sex even the love in a relationship becomes dull and couples become room partners rather than life partners.



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