Plastic Surgery and How Safe or Unsafe it is

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Feb 07, 2013
Quick Bites

  • Plastic surgeries are the answer to issues related to imperfections.
  • The safety deoends on specific conditions related to the process.
  • The first and most important thing to do is to get an expert surgeon.
  • Get checked for pre-existing health related complications before the operation.

Looking good has become extremely important these days with the advent of numerous visual mediums. We are readily resorting to quick fix permanent solutions such as plastic surgeries for ensuring a perfect look.


How Safe or Unsafe is Plastic Surgery

 Plastic surgery has emerged as the one stop answer for issues related to imperfect facial features, fat reduction, and breast jobs and also for mending deformities which might have been the result of serious accidents or disasters. It has gained immense popularity with the ever busy generation of today who are simply not habituated to wait for natural processes or treatments to show visible impacts. They want it sorted out within hours, and if possible, within minutes! However, when you plan to undertake a surgical treatment, there could be several doubts in your mind regarding the repercussions of the procedure. Same is the case with cosmetic surgery.


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The Debate

There has been raging debate about how safe or unsafe is plastic surgery. However, there can be no universal answers to such queries. The safety of cosmetic surgical procedures is completely dependent on certain specific conditions related to the process, which are liable to be different from one case to the other.

  • A lot depends on who performs the surgery.
  • The available infrastructural support and facilities provided for the operation.
  • The basic health condition of the patient.

There are ways in which you can ensure the safety of your plastic surgery, should you want to undertake one. To begin with, some research must go in finding a suitable medical surgeon who can provide satisfactory results and ensure a safe and sound experience. It is always better to opt for a surgeon who possesses the plastic surgery board certification. He should be able to guide you with respect to your pre-existing illnesses  and provide suitable suggestions.


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Some Helpful Facts


Listed below are some useful facts related to the safety of cosmetic surgical procedures:

  • A candid session with your surgeon must reveal that plastic surgery is not really the safest choice for you if you are highly diabetic. Ideally, you need to take care of your blood sugar levels and control them well before you can actually opt for a cosmetic surgery.
  • Cosmetic surgical procedures are best avoided should you be suffering from acute anaemia. This is because surgery can result in significant blood loss, which might worsen the condition of patients who are anaemic.
  • There could be other pre-existing health related complications which might not be compatible with cosmetic surgery. You need to discuss these in great detail with your qualified and certified plastic surgeon, before taking the plunge. For example, your doctor should always advise you against it if you happen to be pregnant, as this could be harmful for both your baby and you.


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It is always better to opt for added precautions before deciding to go under the knife.  For example, when you have been offered solutions for cosmetic surgical processes,  make it a point to opt for FDA approved cosmetic surgery procedures. Also, for added safety, it is always better to opt for plastic surgeons that are associated with established hospitals. If they operate from private chambers, you need to carry out complete research into their services before selecting them.


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