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Apr 26, 2011

How safe is Oral Sex

A pleasurable sexual life is the combination of a lot of factors such as your compatibility with your partner, your individual performance and the lengths that you are willing to go to, to make it more exciting. Spicing up your sex life with oral sex sounds like a good idea, however, please remember that safe oral sex is the key to a healthy sexual encounter.

Though oral sex has been part of extended sexual foreplay, it is always approached with a lot of anxiety. Oral sex is a deeply intimate sexual act and should be performed only if you are completely assured about it. However, stop and ask yourself; how safe is your oral sex after all? Is it safer than intercourse? Are sexual diseases transmitted through oral sex?

Safe oral sex is dependent on many factors.



You need to know what you are getting into. If you think your unprotected oral sex is safe then think twice. It is very easy to transmit sexually transmitted diseases (STD) such as herpes, HIV infection, chlamydia, syphilis and even hepatitis B thorugh oral sex. Therefore, unsafe oral sex is as risky as intercourse. Also, do not let your partner coax you into it if you do not want to go ahead. Non-consensual oral sex can lead to problems such as pain during urination. Forced oral sex can lead to injuries both in the mouth and genitals.




It is of paramount importance to have protected and safe oral sex. Be sure to use a latex condom when giving fellatio and other devices such as dental dams and cut condoms for cunnilingus. If you are not aware of these precautionary measures, then it is advisable to read about them on the internet or talk to experienced professionals.


Precaution when indulging in Oral Sex


You have to make sure that your partner and you do not have any open wounds, sores, cuts and injuries. STDs can be easily transmitted through open wounds. Moreover, orals sex is supposed to be a pleasurable activity. Therefore, if you are feeling any kind of bodily discomfort, step back and do not give in.


Multiple Sexual Partners increase the level of risk in Oral Sex


Oral sex is a strict no, no with multiple partners. Sexual infidelity, apart from being a moral debate is also a health concern. Practicing oral sex with multiple partners might lead to the transmission of STDs.

Many people ask if oral sex is safe and if it is actually a lot safer than sexual intercourse. The answer to this is that oral sex can be a safe and disease free activity only if you exercise precaution and care. Also, you need to have complete information on oral sex and its safety concerns for a hassle free experience. 


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