How Reliable are Condoms for Contraception?

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Nov 18, 2011

How Reliable are Condoms for Contraception

How Reliable are Condoms for ContraceptionOver-the-counter contraceptives are becoming increasingly popular. Amongst all the options available, condoms have become the most relied upon. Condoms have been hugely improvised as well for the purpose of enriching the entire sexual experience. Today, you can lay your hands on the thinnest of variants for a truly natural feel. However, how reliable are condoms for contraception?


Reliability of Condoms for Contraception

The primary purpose of condoms is to act as a contraceptive. The colours and flavours are just added frills. In order to understand how reliable condoms are for contraception, the following facts would have to be considered:


  • When used perfectly as per the guided norms, condoms are known to be excellent contraceptives. Only 2 out of every 100 women whose partners use condoms correctly on a regular basis have reported pregnancy.
  • However, condoms are rarely used as they should. Although men have been using them for years, they are yet to master the usage tactics. The typical usage patterns yield a pregnancy rate of 15 to 20%. Therefore, the average rate of pregnancies with condom usage is around 15%.
  • Broadly, there are two types of condoms available, namely, polyurethane and natural skin condoms. The latter is thinner and provides for a more authentic experience. Polyurethane condoms are known to be more prone to breakage.
  • For condoms to perform the way they should, one needs to store them properly. You should be storing them in cool dry environs for optimum protection.
  • For condoms to act as a reliable method of contraception, it is important to use a fresh one each time. Reusing one is an absolute no-no.
  • For condoms to be 100% safe, the dry and damaged ones should be immediately discarded. It is advisable to inspect the quality of the condoms before choosing to use them for contraception.

Apart from providing for birth control, condoms are considered to be excellent for preventing sexually transmitted diseases. When used effectively, they can provide substantial benefits.


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