How to Reduce Breast Size

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Oct 03, 2012
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  • Bringing in some lifestyle changes can help you to have smaller breast size.
  • To reduce your bust size, you may regularly perform half moon pose.
  • A proper program needs you to perform strength-training exercises.
  • Excessive salt in the body leads to fluid retention, which results in bloating.

Do all beautiful dresses and shirts you try refuse to fit around your bust area but fit nicely elsewhere? Well, it is time to give those breasts the perfect lift. Apart from embarrassment that dense breasts cause, at times, in public, big bust line also increases your chances of breast cancer and other problems such as severe backaches, skin rashes and allergies under the breasts.

how to reduce breast sizeBreasts are made up of fat tissues. So, to reduce your breast size, you may resort to weight loss programs rather than opting for breast reduction surgery. Bringing in some lifestyle changes can help you to have smaller breast size. Here's how you can reduce your breast size.


Half Moon Pose

To reduce your bust size, you may regularly perform ardha chakrasana or half moon pose. To perform the half moon pose:

  • stand straight with your arms stretched upwards
  • interlock your hands
  • tighten your wrists and join your palms together
  • release your index finger, which will point towards the ceiling
  • stretch your body upward ensuring your shoulders are touching your ears
  • inhale deeply while pushing your hips to your left
  • try to push your upper body to your right but do not bend your knees while doing so
  • hold this posture for a minute or two
  • return to the original posture and perform this yoga posture again by pushing your hips to your right side.


Cardio Workouts

To decrease your breast size, it’s important to lose excessive fat from the area. A proper program for well-shaped and smaller breasts includes performing strength-training exercises along with aerobics.

  • Do not lift heavy weights and focus on exercises that will improve your muscle tone without making your muscles bulky.  Try repetitions of chest exercises, such as bench press, lying flyers, pullovers, etc. to shed excess fat from your breasts quickly.
  • If you cannot go to the gym, you may opt for low-intensity cardio workouts, such as jogging, walking, biking and stepping. 30 minutes of brisk walking or 20 minutes of jogging a day can also initiate burning of extra weight from your dense breasts.
  • 25 minutes of aerobics can also prove helpful in decreasing the size of your bust area.
  • Five to six sets of pushups on every alternate day will help in further reduction of your breast size while also preventing sagging breasts due to reduced adipose tissues.


Dietary Modifications

  • Reduce your salt intake because excessive salt in the body leads to fluid retention, which results in bloating. The weight and the width of the breasts increase as a result of bloating.  
  • Stay away from fatty foods. Apart from the calories they add to your body, junk and fast food items are also high on sodium and saturated fat, which is responsible for unwanted weight gain and increasing your breast size. 
  • Eat unprocessed foods and strive to consume low-fat foods in their natural forms. Add plenty of whole grains, vegetables and fruits in your diet.

You will successfully drop some weight from your breasts in little time if you religiously follow all the aforementioned tips.



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