How to Lessen the STD Risks of Sharing Sex Toys

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Jun 22, 2011
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  • Sex toys are the objects that are used to facilitate human sexual pleasure.
  • You always have to be extra cautious when using sex toys.
  • Always make sure that your sex toy is cleaned well.
  • When buying, make sure that sex toy is smooth and unbreakable.

Sex toys are the objects or devices that are used to facilitate human sexual pleasure. The use of these can turn out to be a risky affair. Sex toys can carry infection from vaginal liquids, blood or faeces depending on their use. That is why it is never a good idea to use one toy on more than one person.


sex toys risk factors


You always have to be extra cautious when using sex toys. If you do not take proper precautions, it is an invitation to infections and diseases. Moreover, there is always the risk of having a crack or hole in the sex toy that provides good refuge for harmful germs.

Here’s how to lessen the risks of using and sharing sex toys.



You also have to make very sure that your sex toy is cleaned well. Salespersons at sex toy shops know the right ways of cleaning and you should learn from them. The proper cleaning method can be through the usual soap and water, running the dishwasher for it or even submersion in boiling water if the material of the toy does not get damaged. For example, sex toys with moving electric parts cannot be submersed under boiling hot water for cleansing.


Keep it Supple

Another tip for using the sex toys safely is to keep it supple. Not only does it allow for safer and pleasurable sex but makes the cleaning bit easier. When using the sex toy, it is important that you are fully aroused before making use of a penetrative toy. Lubricants can help to transfer vibrations to maximize pleasure. So, if you happen to go over the moon in “doing it” the lube will help to reduce the risk of injury.

If your sex toy is made from tough glass, medical grade silicon, you can be assured about their hygiene. They are slightly more expensive but offer more protection for you and have a longer life. The non-vibrating sex toys can be sterilised through boiling or made to go through dishwasher. You can be at peace in the knowledge that your sex toys are safe for use.


Quality Check

A sex toy has to be smooth and unbreakable, and should be easy to clean. Avoid ones that have hard-to-clean parts. Ensure your sex toys are designed for the purpose for which you plan to use them.

Using them the right way can help you stay healthy while having fun in the bedroom. It is up to you to make sexual practices safe and healthful.



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