How to Know What Size of Condoms to Buy

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Jun 17, 2011

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Condom in handIf you are wondering about the right size of condom for yourself, know some ways that let you decide for sure. The condom of just the right size gives you comfort, safety and most importantly pleasurable sex. It is nice to know that while you enjoyed sex, your condom made sure that unwanted pregnancies and risk of STDs was eliminated.


Keep these points in mind in order to choose the right size of condom.


  • Check the size of the condom and try to gauge whether it would fit snugly on you or not. If you feel the condom is too tight, too large, too small or too loose, look for another one that fits you well. It can either slip off or burst in the sexual act if it is not of the right fit.
  • Use condoms that are lubricated. Most of the condoms are pre-lubricated. They offer more comfort for you and your partner. Not only comfort, lubrication is also important to avoid breakage.
  • For you to end up buying right size of condom you could probably buy a variety pack. It will allow you try out each and every size and decide for yourself.
  • Wear the condom the right way. Pinch the closed end of the condom and gently roll it down till it reaches the base. If you cannot reach the base, try another size. Try out all sizes to know the one which is the best fit for you.
  • Trust the popular brands. The most popular brands offer the assurance which you are looking for in safe sex where the condom doesn't break.
  • Make sure you are buying what fits you right. Once you know what you are looking for and find it in a condom, stick to it. A word of caution is a must here. You should not be content with trying out only one brand. Once you have tried out a few brands, albeit only the popular ones, only then make the decision of sticking to it, especially the right size.


Choosing the right condom size is of utmost importance to ensure protection against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. It is not good to be clueless about using it, whether it is the right size or the right type you are confused about, make sure that you have cleared the doubts before using it.


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