How to kiss a girl for the first time

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Mar 28, 2013

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Quick Bites

  • Kissing bridges gap between friendly and intimate relationship.
  • First kiss can dictate the future of you relationship.
  • First kiss must be intimate and memorable

Kissing bridges gap between friendly and intimate relationship. You first kiss can dictate the future of you relationship. So it is important to take all the possible necessary measures to make your first kiss a memorable one.





  • If you are planning for the first kiss then probably it is good to do it when both of you are alone. First kiss must be intimate and memorable and this can happen only when no one is around. Affection in public can add element of discomfort to the moment.
  • Before you kiss her, try to understand her body’s cues. Decide your next move according after looking at her body language. If she is looking into your eyes, sitting close enough to touch your body and smiling then she may be interested. If however, she is looking away and avoiding closeness then you should probably wait for a better opportunity.
  • Choose all the opportunities wisely to make sure that both of you cherish the experience of your first kiss.
  • Since it’s your first kiss slow kissing is better than speedy kissing. It is wise to play your first kiss conservatively.
  • Make her feel comfortable. Girls like to be comforted as they step in the intimate situation.
  • Don’t be shy or nervous as this will make her nervous too.
  • Touch her before you pursue for first kiss. This will make her comfortable and kiss will not come as a shock to her. Make sure to not give creepy message from your touch. Gentle-touch is a big turn-on for girls.
  • Eye contact while kissing ruins the moment. So, close your eyes and enjoy the moment!
  • Bad breaths in the first kiss take the spark off the relationship. This rule goes for all but is a must for the first time kiss. If you kiss girl for the first time while you have pizza mouth then it will be a bad experience for her. To avoid the situation you can eat breath mint after your meal.
  • Goosebumps before the actual kiss will surely make the moment pleasurable and memorable for her.
  • After the kiss look into her eyes and tell that how much you love her.

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