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Jan 18, 2013
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  • It is the first step to expressing your love to someone.
  • It always leaves an impression.
  • It acts a good stress buster and makes you feel happier.
  • It makes your face look younger, working your facial muscles.

For a complicated world, unwinding the complexity fortunately doesn’t take much; it is just a kiss away. Have you ever wondered, what a kiss is? A kiss is not just the locking of lips, in fact it is the first step to expressing your love to someone.


how to kiss


Kissing is one of the easiest and the romantic ways to express your affection and to say those three magical words, “I Love You.”

For many of us, passionate kiss remains an unsolved mystery and one that goes wrong most of the times, but not anymore!


It is not about your first or last kiss, kissing always leaves an impression and plays an important role in communicating your feelings. You must have surely heard that if you get your kiss wrong, there’s nothing left in the relationship. So, kissing if you must know makes the difference between being either a perfect or a dead lover, which is why some people are great kissers, while some are not.


With so many strings of pressure attached, isn’t it that we all should know the perfect path to a passionate kiss? With a few of these tips, you could be a great kisser, and in no time!


Feel the moment

Pick her up lightly in your hand, bring her face close towards you, even if she gets embarrassed by the proximity and has to keep looking at the ground. Remember that it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to look at you. Be patient and look straight into her eyes because they are only shy in their fondness for you. Kiss each part of her face like you want to heal her and shower her with your affection.


Take it easy

Before going for a kiss, try to get into a comfortable position. Don’t just jump into the moment and devour her with a kiss. Keep it slow and breeze through it. Take your time and move your lips slowly and passionately to her neck or chin. Feel your partner breathe through her skin and you won’t find anything more arousing and sensual.


Use your hands

Don’t let your hands hang around here and there. Put them to use. Place your hands lightly around your partner’s waist and hold her. Meanwhile, also let your girl put her hands on your shoulders. Pulling your partner closer to you will make it even more intimate. In between the kiss, you can sweep your thumb across her cheeks and chin or gently play around with her hair. Soft and sensual touches bring more passion and romance in the air.


Wait for your partner’s approval

Don’t try to stick to your tongue the moment you step in for a kiss. Take your time and always wait for your partner’s move. Do not get conscious about the duration of the kiss. Even small kisses can be full of moment’s delight and passion.


Don’t get distracted

A sensual kiss involves more than just a kiss. Yes, while kissing your partner, stop getting distracted by the anything else. Your distraction will rob the feeling of intimacy from the kiss and it will end up in something less passionate and a sad experience for both of you.


Keep it wet but not slobbery

Well, it is true that wet kisses are very passionate, but there is a very thin line of difference between a wet kiss and a drooly one! The last thing you would want to feel the excess of saliva on your partner’s lips. While your partner should feel the moist around your lips but overdoing it is a big turn off. A passionate wet kiss is the one which dries up within a few seconds.


Never hurt each other

Sensuous aggression is sometimes healthy and reflects passion, but again, excess of anything is unwanted and uncalled for. Don’t get too carried away and bite your partner’s lips unless she wants it or you will end up hurting her. Now that you know the perfect ways to kiss and you are no more a novice, let’s explore some of the various types of kisses, the passionate ones!


The French Kiss

Inarguably one of the famous and fabulous kisses around the world, the French kiss is an open-mouthed kiss. It occurs when a person’s tongue touches the other person’s tongue. Well, it can take you years to master the art of the French kiss, but once done, nothing could possibly beat sensuousness.


The Lip Kiss

Take one of your partner’s lips in between yours and then gently suck on it. It’s an totally  romantic and passionate kiss and the easiest one to do as well, sending tingles up and down the spine.


The Lip Gloss Kiss

One of the funniest and flirtiest kisses around, it is for the girlfriends to give their boyfriends. Apply good amount of lip gloss and then just rub it on to your partner’s until his lips gets coated too. For extra fun, do it with a fruit-based lip gloss.


The Benefits

Kissing is not just about expressing love but has a lot to do with your health! Sounds interesting? Let’s check out.


  • Kissing can help reduce oral plaque and prevent cavities by stimulating the creation of saliva and by washing away the bacteria from your mouth.
  • Kissing makes your face look younger. It helps to keep the muscles stronger and smooth and prevents cheeks from sagging.
  • Now the most important one, kissing might also help you to lose weight. While kissing, you can feel your heart beating fast and in turn, your body releases adrenaline to boost your metabolism and help you lose extra calories.
  • Have you ever felt light hearted and ecstatic after a kiss. If you have, the credit goes to kissing. It acts a good stress buster and makes you feel happier.


Learning how to kiss was never so easy, or was it? You can always improvise on your own kissing style to create something new and more passionate!



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