How to Keep Sex Exciting in Marriage

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Mar 22, 2012

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How to Keep Sex Exciting in MarriageSex is as important as any other emotion is. Similar to other emotions that fade away after a while, the sexual desire (with the same partner) will fade away as well. Fortunately, there is a resolution for this emotional or physical drain. Here are a few ways you can keep sex exciting in marriage.


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Keep Yourself Pretty

It is not possible for a couple to enjoy sex unless either partner feels sexy about himself or herself. Invest in a blowout, sexy lingerie or anything that you think would spice up things in the bedroom. Remember to never discourage your body or treat it as if it is not good enough.


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Flirt while in Bed

Even if you have been married to your spouse for more than ten years, do not assume that he or she knows every corner of you and therefore, it will be embarrassing to try something new. It is only change that makes it exciting. Forget about being embarrassed and get on the bed with flirtatious moves. If you do not want to take him by surprise in the bedroom, send playful and sexy text messages throughout the day. Describe what you are wearing in a sensual manner and tell him what you would want to do to him later to get him salivating with anticipation.


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Set the Right Mood

Sometimes, having the right ambiance helps a great deal. Do not underestimate the value of lighted candles. Turn off the TV when he is home. Light the room in such a way that there is nothing but romance.


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Start with a Kiss

Make sure that you don’t always end up at sex. To make your sex life exciting, you must leave space for some craving. Steam the bedroom by kissing for a certain length of time followed by foreplay. Abstaining from sex helps in charging up the libido.


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Watch an Erotic Film Together

Well, if you are thinking porn, it doesn’t have to be. You could watch few Hollywood movies that are high on the sex side. Some movies include Last Tango in Paris, Like Water for Chocolate etc.


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Get out of the Bedroom

It is not just about the monotonous moves that you make that drain interest out of your partner, but the venue as well. Choose the living room or kitchen to get the mood kicked in.


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