How to Have a Natural Childbirth

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Feb 24, 2012
Quick Bites

  • Natural childbirth has benefits which c-section does not have.
  • Before childbirth, make a birth plan.
  • Attend a good birthing class to ease your childbirth.
  • Discuss your concerns with your health care providers.

Natural childbirth is a way of birth in which you allow nature to lead the labour and delivery process. It is a proven fact that natural childbirth has benefits, which caesarean section does not have. Natural labour means no artificial medical interventions and you can get it by undertaking some gentle assistance or techniques. Brush through the given tips to have a natural delivery.


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Make a Birth Plan

Before childbirth, make a birth plan. Discuss your birth plan in advance with your husband, doctor, nurses and anyone else, who will assist you, at childbirth. Nurses in the hospitals will be of great help and may also help you achieve your plan of natural birth. Make sure everyone has understood the plan well and are ready to support you. Your birth plan will help you to get the support of your family, friends and doctors. You can ascertain the people whose support and help you want to have. For natural birth advocacy, you can consider hiring a professional birth assistant (doula).


Decide your place for delivery

Investigating the places for childbirth can serve as another helping hand. Some women feel that labouring at home is relaxing than doing it at the hospital because at home there are no unwanted interferences and they feel more comfortable. Make sure, however, that you have experienced midwives for home birth. Some women prefer hospitals to avoid any medical complication.

Attend birth classes

Attend a good birthing class to ease your childbirth. Birth classes impart knowledge on different stages of labour, pain relief techniques, breathing exercises during labour,  prenatal yoga, diet during labour, massages and labour positioning. These classes will also inform you about medication during labouring. Make sure your classes are more focussed on natural childbirth. These classes will help you learn more about natural childbirth techniques. Clear all your apprehensions and discuss your opinion on subjects, which may concern you during labour such as how you want your baby to be handled after birth,  what kind of help you want and what interventions are fine with you.


Read a good book on natural childbirth

Reading is the best way to gather wide knowledge on natural childbirth as well as knowing the experiences of women, who have gone through natural childbirth.  These books will help you to know the different birth techniques and positions, which will make the whole process easier.  You can also educate yourself about various relieving techniques such as acupressure and aromatherapy.


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Exercise and Relax

Your positive attitude is the best thing to help deal with the entire process of natural childbirth. You can prepare your mind and body by indulging yourself in kegel exercises, perineal massage and prenatal yoga or any other form of gentle exercise. The more you exercise, the more your body relaxes and your chances of natural childbirth increases.



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