How to Get Over Depression as a Teenager

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Nov 20, 2012

If you feel that the excitement and fun of your teen years are fading away under the grey clouds of depression, it is time to take control of your condition. To get over of teenage depression, the general advice  is to follow your treatment  religiously. But,  is it enough to deal with teenage depression? No, it’s not. There are various emotional outlets (read your friends and family) available for you.  Take help   from them and soon your life will be back on track.


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Get the issues solved first:
After you’ve started receiving the  treatment for depression; just take out some time for yourself  every day to assess the situations that stress you out. If somebody makes you unhappy, maintain a considerable distance from them. Be logical in your thinking and try to figure out the easiest way to get  rid of the bothering issues. Confronting the problems and tackling them calmly is a major step towards happiness.


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Communicate what you feel: The key treatment to cope with depression is to be honest about what you feel and think. If you do not approve  certain activities of others, discuss it with them. Confide in your partner or friend.  Discussing your bewildered thoughts with some close to you would help to  push the burden off your mind. If nothing benefits your condition, talk therapy might work for you.

Spend time with likeminded people: Your close pals/cousins/colleagues/parents may prove to be  your biggest support to overcome the depression blues.  Spend quality time with those people with whom you are comfortable to share thoughts.  . Depression makes you inactive and lethargic. Meeting people whose company you enjoy will surely lift your mood. Go for a movie or play a game of chess to break your normal routine. Working in a garden, meditating or engaging in mild exercises are also some great ideas to get over  your distressed mood. A gossip session with your friends about the new chic in the class would also help! People who have a happy state of mind  will help you to shun dejection.

Understand that it isn’t the dead end of your life: Depression may sabotage the fun activities of teenage. It may curb your creativity and capability of taking initiative, but remember that this phase will not last  longer. You will soon be back to  your  normal self provided you stand strong against all odds.. Teenage is the right  time to lay the foundation of your professional and personal dreams. Live the ‘best years of life’ (read teenage) and  decide what you want to accomplish. It may be as trivial as winning a painting competition at your school/college or as big as  cracking  the entrance exam of your favourite college. So what are you waiting for? Get, Set and Go!


Besides understanding the importance of communication with close ones, it’s is imperative to take care of yourself. Be particular about what you eat. Exercise regularly and it is also advised to meditate for a few minutes in a day. Do not discontinue your treatment without consulting your doctor. Also, look forward to spending time with cheerful and happy people.

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