How to get over Depression Alone

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Nov 23, 2012

How to get over Depression Alone

The great depression is passé; the neo great depression is set deep within our minds. The fast paced world, the illusion of grandiose that is being served, and the need to be at the pinnacle of success, is decaying urban life. You need to fight this calamity alone, with a steady heart and firm mind, as depression is becoming a major issue in our lives and is a stepping stone to serious mental illnesses. Here is your guide on how to get over depression alone.


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Don’t Think too Much: Modern world is amuck, and if you cannot be in the scene, do not think much about it.  The crux of the matter is to do what you need to i.e. to do the thing that is right for you, and you can skip the thoughts about everything else. Living life on your own terms would make things much easier for you, and hence, do not pay much heed to what people tell or think about and around you.

Forget the Decadent and Depraved World: It is most often the illusion that the world has set for us, and our inability to pursue such depraved dreams that make us depressed. The latest gizmos by Apple that you cannot afford, the party pop music which doesn’t suit you, the overpriced clothes, the women looking out for the perfect model-like males, men wanting a one night stand, and the list goes on. Familiarity equates human boredom and you friend are always in search for the new, but the new is over hyped, the new is weirdly fake, and you should never try to be a part of it, if it doesn’t suit you.

Be Happy: The key to get over depression is of course, being happy, but happiness is not found, you have to feel it. The only way you can aspire to be happy is by throwing away all the negative energy. So, go away to some place that you always wanted to visit all alone, and meet new people, eat new food, see new things, and live like it is your last day on earth. Only then will you realise that life is precious and there so much that can make you happy. Depression is a spoiler that can ruin your happiness.


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Pursue Spirituality: No, you do not really have to be a monk, but instead, learn to be closer to the universe and feel its energies.  Practice kindness, forgiveness, and throw out all the hate that you have in you so as to practice good karma. Be good to people, smile at them, tell them how thankful you are for their service, and you will find that life can in fact, be a very happy journey.


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Depression has caused a lot of people to suffer and die in vain. In vain, the life goes without you ever realising the heart of it. Therefore, do not let it pass, instead, stand with arms akimbo and take this sound and fury in your strife.


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