How Effective and Safe Is Spermicide?

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Mar 20, 2012

How Effective and Safe Is SpermicideSpermicide is a method of contraception which prevents the entry of sperm into the female reproductive organ, thus preventing fertilization of the egg. The effectiveness of a spermicide depends on its usage.

Spermicides come in all forms such as cream, foams and gels. All kinds of spermicides show their effect within 1 hour of their application, which fades away after that. If you have sex after an hour again, another application of spermicide would be needed. To increase its efficiency, a woman using spermicide should not rinse her vagina for at least 6-8 hours after having sex

If used alone spermicides are about 70 to 80% effective. If used in combination with condoms, they are more than 95% effective in preventing pregnancy. Adequate time should be given to dissolve and disperse the spermicide in order to increase its effectiveness. A woman can increase the effectiveness of a spermicide by using it with female condoms. A man can enhance effectiveness by using it with a latex condom.

Spermicides are one of the effective ways to prevent pregnancy, but they cannot stop the transfer of sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, spermicides develop allergic reactions in some people, such as skin rashes and irritations. Frequent use of spermicides causes damage of the genital tissues. This makes the transmission of sexual transmitted diseases easier. Spermicides are not useful for protecting a woman against any bacterial or fungal infection.

According to recent reports, usage of spermicides increases the chances of miscarriages, but still no results have been found confirming this. As spermicides come in foams and gels, they are generally messy. If not properly applied, they leak out from the vagina, thus decreasing their efficiency. Spermicides also affect the normal bacterial level in a woman’s body.

Spermicides are a good way of contraception if used properly. In combination with other contraceptive agents such as condoms, diaphragm and cervical cap it can prove very effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy. Always make sure to follow the instructions properly while using spermicides. It’s advisable to see the expiry date of the spermicides before using them. Follow these simple precautions to get maximum benefits from spermicides.


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