How does Sex Therapy Help

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Aug 04, 2012

How does Sex Therapy Help

Sex therapy can be best defined as assistance to overcome sexual problems and difficulties, to regain a lively sex life. People may seek sex therapy for issues that may or may not relate to sex, but have been persistently experiencing difficulties.

Non-consummation, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low libido, unwanted sexual fetishes, sexual addiction, painful sex and lack of sexual confidence are some of the common sexual problems for which people seek assistance.

Sex Therapy


  • Patients put forth their problems to the therapist and he finds if the underlying cause of sexual problem is stress, tiredness, physical inability, hormonal dysfunction, relationship issue or any other environmental factor.
  • The therapy sessions can either be instructive or verbal. A sex therapist may advise physical exercise to a couple or an individual. For example, therapist may recommend sensate-focus exercises for erectile dysfunction, or a combination of kegel exercises, squeeze therapy and behavioural therapy exercises for premature ejaculation.
  • Sexuality is an integral part of our lives, as it has a certain impact on mood, relationships, thoughts and health. Seeking help for a sexual problem nullifies its negative impact, and averts situation of anxiety, frustration and depression.
  • Sex therapy sessions can enhance sexual intimacy by figuring out emotional aspects that are creating barriers to sexual pleasure. Therapist figures out sexual issues that come out of negative feelings, traumatic experiences or anger affects sexual performance.
  • Psychological source of physical symptom, which include inability to achieve orgasm or maintain arousal, or even through painful sex, is identified and resolved during sex therapy. Resolving of psychological and physical sources help patients enhance their sexual experience.

Choosing a Sex Therapist

When choosing a sex therapist, one should consider their academic background, experience in the specific sphere and outcomes of cases he/she has taken up recently. Knowing these factors will give you a basic idea of competency and skill-set of the therapist. A sex therapist must be capable of addressing emotional, physical and biological concerns.

Key responsibilities of a sex therapist include:

  • defining the issue of the patient.
  • determining the root cause of how the issue has evolved over time.
  • making patient understand the main issue.
  • providing options for resolution.
  • developing appropriate goals/solution plans to help patient overcome the issue.

Sex therapy is a solution to varied sex concerns and difficulties. Seeking a therapist can help you resolve difficulties of your sex life.


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