How to Discuss Intercourse with Your Daughter

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Jun 08, 2012

How to Discuss Intercourse with Your Daughter

Parents are hesitant about some important conversations with their children, and discussions about sex are certainly one of them. It is important that parents decide to do away with their inhibitions and find the right way to converse with their daughter about sex. Any misconception that she may have needs to be resolved as early as possible, lest it gives way to sexual mishap. When you discuss intercourse with your daughter, make her adopt a responsible approach to sexuality and stay away from risky sexual behaviour.


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If you want to talk to your daughter about sex, do so despite being embarrassed but be correct in what you inform her.


Don’t mind being embarrassed


The most difficult part of talking to your child about sex is starting it. Just be prepared to be embarrassed and look at it as something extremely important that must be done. You might want to try a bit of sense of humour to cast aside some of the embarrassment and get rid of the fears. If you show to your daughter that you are nervous about talking something, she would naturally be more open to hear you out. Just make sure that you do not make a mistake of providing wrong information in your nervousness.


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Tell her what’s going on in her body’s anatomy


Your young teenage daughter has probably already asked you about her periods or that why she needs to wear a bra. Find a book with good depictions of female body’s anatomy with correct illustrations of reproductive system. This would help a lot in clearing her doubts. You can tell her what is likely to happen when she gets her period, with the help of the depiction in the book. This would prevent her from freaking out when she does get her period. If your girl expects the changes that are going to happen in her, it would not shock her. Use the pictures to show exactly what is happening.


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Teach her about managing sexual pressure


If your daughter has a boyfriend, tell her to prefer going to movies instead of lounging on his sofa. There are some girls who are more willing to give in without contemplating consequences. In any case, tell her about certain rules such as no below the waist touching, and that she needs to insist on it if any boy forces it on her. Tell her about simple tactics of going to the bathroom in case of an awkward situation.


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