How to Cure Impotence Naturally?

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Feb 15, 2012

How to cure impotence naturallyImpotence, or Erectile dysfunction, is a fairly common condition linked to psychological factors such as stress, depression or physiological reasons such as diabetes. Excessive alcohol intake or smoking can also be a cause. However, it is always safer to go with natural remedies as they are free from side-effects. Learn more about how to cure impotence naturally through this article.




L-arginine is an amino acid that makes nitric oxide in the body.Nitric oxide signals the smooth muscles of the blood vessels to dilate. It increases the blood flow to the penis, resulting in an erection. It is found naturally in foods such as meat, dairy, poultry and fish. It is also available as oral supplements. However, consult a doctor before consumption.




The herb Gingko is known to be effective in curing impotence naturally. It relaxes the smooth muscles and enhances the blood flow to the penis.




Impotence can be caused by significant depletion of the mineral zinc, associated with use of diuretics, diabetes and digestive disorders.Naturally zinc can be amply found in food sources such as beans, nuts, seafood (such as crab and lobster), whole grains, fortified breakfast cereals, and dairy products.




The bark of the Yohimbe tree, found in West Africa, is the source of yohimbine, a compound which increases the blood flow to the penis and improves libido considerably.




Ginseng is also known as the ‘male remedy’ in China. This herb is supposed to mop up cortisols which can stir up stress in the body. The recommended dose is 150mg three times a day.




By applying pressure to certain reflex points, reflexologists claim they can cure impotence. These pressure points can stimulate blood flow to the penis, encouraging an erection.


Cinnamon, ginger and cloves


These spices warm up the blood and trigger blood circulation around the body including the penis.


Give up smoking


Nicotine in the cigarettes circulates in the blood, constricting the vessels which restrict the gush of blood to the penis. Long-term damage is due to an arterial lesion, a wound caused by smoking which restricts the blood flow to the penis.


Ashwagandha (Withaniasomnifera)


This is another herb which is supposed to dilate the blood vessels and increase the blood flow to the penis.


Switch to a low fat diet with no animal proteins or cooked food. This will start to reverse the clogging of the arteries very quickly and the blood flow to all the regions including the penis increases.


Though impotence may be an intimidating phenomenon, there are several ways to cure impotence naturally. In addition, avoid stress, exercise regularly and consume a non-fatty diet for positive results.


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