Tips to tame your temper and save your realtionship

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Dec 05, 2016

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Quick Bites

  • Venting extreme anger can damage any relationship.
  • Refrain from saying anything once you are angry.
  • Practice forget and forgive.

No matter how justified the reasons might be, the moment your temper flies, it is bound to create to a negative repercussions for your partner. Venting extreme anger can damage any relationship. Most often, anger is an impulse which subsides with time but leaves behind ample damage. There is little you can do by repenting over it.


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Here’s what you should do to control anger, before it starts controlling you.


The task of controlling anger might seem like a difficult one, it could be approached quite positively. Start off with modest measure – acknowledge. Acknowledge that you have to do something about it.


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Start counting

You might have heard this a thousand times over, but it surely works and hence remains a prominent anger management tip. The moment you fly into a rage stop and count from one to ten. The intensity of rage is bound to subside.


Withdraw yourself

When the situation is bad enough for you to get extremely angry about, just leave it for later. Simply leave the venue and the situation and withdraw for the moment. Detaching yourself will provide you with the time to think and evaluate your behaviour. You are bound to behave rationally, once the initial tempers are cooled off.


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Watch your words

Refrain from saying anything once you are angry. You are surely to regret it later, so it is better not to talk at the moment. Keep silent for as long as you can even if somebody else is provoking you to say something.


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Get moving

Not only will it keep you physically fit but it will also help you to manage your emotions better. Exercises are known to release happy hormones which make you feel good about yourself and others. In a fit of rage, the best thing to do would be to head for a walk and cool your nerves.

Forgive and forget

Nursing grudges will only strain the equation you have with your partner. If you have withdrawn from a situation which is particularly unpleasant, learn to erase it permanently from your memory and carry on. Dwell upon the positive aspects of a relationship rather than the negative ones.

If you can abide by the above, you will surely enjoy a sweet and congruous relationship with your partner.



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