How can one prevent Burning Mouth Syndrome?

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Jul 15, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Causes pain and burning sensation.
  • Can be prevented as well as treated.
  • Affects parts of the mouth.
  •  May last for months or years.

Burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is a condition that causes a discomforting and painful sensation in the tongue, lips, palate, or throughout the mouth. It often occurs with other dental or medical conditions such as dry mouth, allergies, menopause and malnutrition. Although some parts inside the mouth feel like burning, however the parts may not show any redness or soreness around them and may not be hot to the touch. It can be treated as well as prevented easily.

burning mouth

Also called glossodynia or neuropathic pain, the it occurs when the nerves in the mouth are unable to properly communicate with the brain. Unable to understand the messages sent from the mouth, the brain causes a burning sensation which is usually painful. The condition can affect anyone, however it usually affects middle-aged or older women.


Numbness on the tip of the tongue, dry mouth, changes in taste are common symptoms of burning mouth syndrome. However the painful burning sensation in the mouth is the most significant symptom of the conditions. People may show different symptoms and may even experience the conditions differently. While some may get the continous severe burning sensation during day time, other may get it intermittently. The burning sensation may persist for several months or even years.



The causes of the burning mouth syndrome include hormonal changes, dry mouth, oral candidiasis, damaged nevers in the mouth, acid reflux or allergies. Anxiety and depression may also affect the condition. It can not be possible to find the exact cause of the condition in a person however usually there can be more than one cause.

Prevention And Care

Burning mouth syndrome can be prevented as well as effectively managed with proper self care. A person with symptoms of BMS should drink water frequently or suck on ice if the burning is too discomforting. It is recommended to brush teeth regularly with baking soda and water as it will help with the symptoms. In order to prevent or manage BMS, one should avoid alcohol, tobacco products, hot or spicy foods or beverages high in acid. Proper oral hygiene can be very helpful in preventing the condition.

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