How can Diabetics gain Weight

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Oct 25, 2012

How can Diabetics gain Weight

It is a difficult for diabetics to gain weight as they need to strike a balance between their calorie intake and glucose level  It is recommended that a diabetic eats three meals and two snacks every day with some added carbohydrates. As far as physical activity is concerned, cardio and strength training would be good to keep up the fitness level  One must, however, should consult a doctor for a detailed diet and exercise routine.


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The Diet

A diabetic’s diet is one of the most important factors for his or her well-being. It is important that your diet aids you in helping gain weight without increasing your glucose levels.


  • It is important that you eat carbohydrates in a moderate amount as it raises the blood sugar but then it also helps in the release of insulin, which then lowers the blood sugar level, and informs your body to store glucose for future use. Glycemic index in food  determines how quickly food breaks down into sugar, thus you need to eat foods with low glycemic levels. If the glycemic index in your food is high, then the sugar level will shoot up. Opt for lean proteins and whole grains as they have lower glycemic levels in comparison to white starches present in pasta, macaroni, cheese, pancakes and waffles?


  • As, a diabetic you must eat meals at regular intervals which will  give you all the required calories and also stabilise your blood sugar level.


  • If you are opting for strength training then do eat lean proteins. If you eat lean protein, then your muscles will recover after strength training without adding additional fats. Do eat beans, fish, chicken or turkey to your daily diet to add lean protein. Ideally, you must, boil, steam or bake the meat and prepare it with seasoning.  Lean protein is a very efficient way to gain weight and avoid fat.


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Regular Exercise

Exercises are recommended for almost all physical ailments, and it is same for diabetes too, hence you must try and do some moderate exercises and strength training.


  • Do aerobic exercises for half an hour each day, such as swimming, running, and cycling, or you may also go for a brisk walk.
  • Weight training or strength training can be done twice a week, wherein you will need to focus on the major body parts, like the arms, chest, back, thighs, shoulders and abs. The aim is not to become muscular, but just to keep fit. So,take it easy


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Make sureyou continue taking your medicine and keep a tab on your calorie count  so that you do not get fat in an attempt to gain weight. Be particular about your bed timings.


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