How to Bring Vacation Sex Home

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Oct 14, 2011

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How to Bring Vacation Sex HomeMost couples address ‘vacation sex’ to be more exciting than the sex experience at their home. Have you ever wondered that why such sex is not possible in everyday life. Most couples return from vacations with the desire to bring back their revived sexuality with them. But in spite of their best intentions they come back to previous sex life. You can bring vacation sex home by giving yourself a little luxury of time and an enticing space.    


Go to bed early


One of the main reasons of good sex on vacations is that you get to catch up on sleep. Don’t let your busy schedule take toll on your sex life. In weekends go bed early and stay in bed late till the following morning. Keep relaxing schedule for the other morning.


Have more


Sex is a hit in vacations because you have more time for it. Remember the more you indulge in sex, the sexier you feel and the more you will want it. Don’t wait for the right time or right mood instead increase the quantity of sex you indulge in.


Work on your Surroundings


Work on your surroundings if you think that your surroundings are dull and has became a routine scene for you.  You can modify your room by using scented candles, colours, scents and other elements that are relaxing and exotic for both of you.  Remember that bedroom is not the only place where you can come closer, try places such as shower, guest bedroom, your garage and even your kitchen.


Don’t think about business


Vacations are the time when you are psychologically away from your work and other worldly issues. Try to bring the essence of vacations to your home. You must fix a day that is only meant for your partner and your sex life. When you are with your partner then forget about your work, to-do list and other responsibilities. Remember to switch of your mobile phone.


Send the Kids away


For a better sex you need to have all privacy. If you have kids, send them for a movie or for night out at your grandparent’s or friend’s place. By doing so, you will be free from constant worry of your kids stepping in.


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