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Jul 28, 2010

As the New Year celebrations in the city hot up. The city's social circuit is buzzing with wine and cheese parties. Before you gear up to take the first sip, here's getting to know the wine etiquette with MP Sharma, an experienced vintner: Begin with a rose wine To start a beginner can clinch a glass of Rose, a pink wine with less residual sugar and alcohol content which will not be harsh on the palate and deliver a pleasant experience. The Indian palate is used to having 'sweet n tart' fruits and this wine will cheer up a beginner to keep trying different wines..  Get the taste right


The right way leads to the right taste. If you want your wine to taste good here are some rituals to follow

  • First pour sufficient wine, at an appropriate temperature to fill about one third of the wine glass. 
  • Then hold the wine glass up to a bright source of light and see if the wine is cloudy or clear. Look for any sediment or solid matter, and for the colour hold the glass against a white surface. 
  • The next step would be swirling and sniffing. Swirl the wine in the glass one or two quick revolutions. Take one or two quick sniffs, rest 10-15 seconds, then swirl the glass briefly and sniff again.
  • Then sip a small amount of wine, about one table spoon. Roll the wine all over your tongue and inside your mouth with a chewing motion so that all your taste buds can come in contact with the taste of the wine. Take in some air to maximise the effect.

Look down into the glass and take a deep breathe so that the taste of the wine is transmitted through the nasal passage as well as the tongue and the whole sensation is intensified. Create the right pairs A good wine if paired with the right Indian food can be an excellent tonic. Although drinking wine is not a typical activity at the dinner table in an Indian home. The wine market in India has grown over the last 10 years. Today Gen Y is gradually shifting from alcohol to wine. Celebrating with wines has become a social phenomenon, but sometimes choosing the right one becomes a problem.


Here are tips to choose the perfect match


White Wine:  Savignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Flora Valentino White go best with; assortment of cheese, variety of sea food, gently spicy Indian cuisine like chicken, creamy pasta and paneer preparations. Red Wines like;  Zinfandel, Cabernet Savignon, Shiraz, Valentino Red would be a perfect match with deep fried mushrooms, juicy steak, elegant roasted lamb, pork, venison, sauces containing mustard or horseradish, Asian foods with exotic flavours. "With white meat white wine is preferred," says Gautam Sharma, a wine connoisseur. So now that you know the right tips don't let this festive season go dry and have a blast!



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