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Feb 02, 2017
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  • Kamasutra is the most distinguished sex manual originating in India.
  • Kamasutra features 1250 verses that are distributed in 36 segments.
  • Kamasutra positions are the exquisite pleasure-oriented acts.

Kamasutra is not only the oldest but also one of the most distinguished sex manual originating in India. Referred to as Kama Shastra, the compilation on the art of love making enables couples to circulate their internal energy, gather it so that they can engage in open-hearted lovemaking with joy. Vatsyayana's kamasutra features 1250 verses that are distributed in 36 segments with the art of kama being explained in 7 different parts.


Kamasutra positions


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Kamasutra positions are the exquisite pleasure-oriented acts that help one live a gracious and satisfying life. The hottest kamasutra fpositions that will make lovemaking an enjoyable ritual include:

Mixture of milk and water: It is the amorous blending of milk (man) and water (woman). The couple embrace each other so passionately as if they are one body. In the act, the woman is seated on the man’s lap, facing him. The posture increase internal energy of couples to engage in the sexual pursuit.

Climbing of a tree: The woman places one of her feet on the foot of the lover while her other foot rests on his thighs. She passes one of her hands around the man’s back while holding his shoulder with the other hand for support. It seems as if she is climbing onto him to give him a kiss.

The glowing triangle: This position appears like the missionary position in which a woman rests on her back while the man on top. The difference is that the man holds his position while woman does all the movements. The man goes on all fours while the woman lifts her hips for lovemaking.

Mixture of sesame seeds with rice: In the fervent embrace called ‘mixture of sesame seeds with rice’, the couple embrace each other in a way that the arms and thighs of one of them surround the arms and thighs of the other. The act is such that it seems like the body part of one is rubbing against the other.

Twining of a creeper: A woman emulates a creeper encircling a tree. She clings on to the man as he lowers his head towards her with a desire to kiss. She looks with compassion towards her man in this position.


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The erotic V: This is one of the most difficult positions that demand acrobatic capacities from a couple. In the act, the woman sits down on the table’s edge as he stands before table. He bends towards her and she braces herself by putting her arms around his neck.

The nirvana: The woman lies on her back, stretching her legs out and holds onto the bedposts above her head. The trick of this man-on-top position is women keeping her legs together during the lovemaking episode.

There are many others positions for the pleasure-filled copulation between men and women, however, all the positions are not suitable for all persons at all times and the couples who try them need to be aware of suitability for each of them.



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