Homeopathy Remedies for AIDS

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Nov 28, 2011

Homeopathy remedies for AIDS

HIV/AIDS is the most dreaded, and the most discussed STD worldwide for the past three decades. Homeopathic remedies are quite accepted among people living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. People with HIV say they feel better after using homeopathic medicines.


The highly active antiretroviral treatment (HAART) was the first real medical progress in the treatment of people with AIDS or who are HIV-positive. These drugs are considered as the treatment of choice for HIV infected people. However currently about 25% of people with HIV infection are resistant to conventional antiretroviral treatment.


This has created the need for alternative medications and therapy for a significant number of people with HIV infection.


The basic approach of homeopath is different from conventional drug therapies. The conventional drug therapies work by attacking the microbial agents or by interfering with their growth and multiplication. However the homeopathic medicines possibly boost a person’s immune and defense system to help the person control the infection.


Homeopathy for treatment of AIDS


Homeopathy is known to be successful in the treatment of various infectious diseases in man, including several serious and potentially fatal infectious diseases. Studies on homeopathic treatment in people who are human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-positive or have AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) has shown that these remedies are useful treatment as a primary or as an adjunctive treatment to conventional therapy or during a structured treatment interruption program.


Even in people with AIDS or HIV infection in whom the various AIDS drugs are effective, several physicians and patients prefer treatment interruptions also called “drug vacations”. These treatment interruptions are done to decrease the possibility of drug resistance and can last several weeks, months, or years. Homeopathic medicines are preferred during these treatment interruptions.

  • The homeopathic drugs are very effective for treatment of other infections in people with HIV/AIDS.
  • These drugs cause no side effects or any worsening of general health of the patient.
  • Treatment with homeopathic drugs has been shown to boost immunity and decrease the number of virus in the patients with HIV infection.
  • The homoeopathic medicines are effective even in people who have discontinued the conventional treatment due to side effects
  • Homeopathic medicines probably boost immunity, relieve stress, or improve general health and wellbeing of a patient with HIV infection or AIDS.


Caution with homeopathic drugs


The homeopathic drugs are relatively safe and have rare side effects. The homeopathic medicines should be used along with conventional treatment and not in place of the standard treatment for AIDS. It can be used alone in patients on structured treatment interruption program or “drug vacations”.


Treatment of a patient is usually individualized, and the remedies are prescribed based on the symptoms, lifestyle, and emotional and mental states. If you are taking homeopathic medicines for AIDS inform your physician before using homeopathic medicine and similarly tell your homeopath doctor also that you are taking standard treatment for AIDS.



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