Homeopathic treatment for depression

Are you often sad, tired and worried the whole day? Do you have these feelings very often? If yes---then you are probably depressed. If you want depression to be rooted out from your life, solution is available in homeopathy.

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Homeopathic treatment for depression


We all go through a ‘low phase’ at some point of time in our lives. But for some people, low phase never phases out and they gradually become a victim of depression. It can be because of various reasons such as piling up of lots of suppressed emotions, drugs, hormonal imbalance, identity crisis, trauma in the family and some personality traits. But, the good part is that depression is curable. In fact, clinical studies have proved that homeopathy can help depression hit patients in finding significant relief and also improve quality of their lives.

Dr Samir Chuakkar, Head-Training Homeopathy at Dr Batras Positive Health Clinic
says, “As a matter of fact, homeopathy is based on the law of similars which means homeopathy drugs are proved on healthy human beings and the symptoms are recorded. When another individual with the same set of symptoms comes, he is given that medicine which caused these symptoms in the healthy prover. This is one of the reasons behind success ratio of homeopathy as treatment matches individual symptoms and not widely classified ones.”

Duration of homeopathic treatment for depression depends on several factors such as severity of the case and its result on the patient. Those who are sane and in touch with reality and do not suffer from psychotic symptoms like hallucinations tend to react better to homeopathic treatment. Also, what matters is the patients strong-will to come out of depression.

What homeopathy does to cure depression?

•    Homeopathic medicines can help in reinstating deviation from good health. In fact, homeopathy can help patients without giving anti-depressants that otherwise becomes a habit and also become a leading cause of side-effects such as high blood pressure and weight gain.

•    Homeopathy reduces dependency on conventional medicines and gives a lasting cure for depression.

•    With adequate amount of counselling in conjunction with homeopathy, patients effectively cope up with their depressed state of mind and lead a satisfactorily happy life.

Dr  Yatinder Bhatnagar, Senior homoeopathic physician and founder of Nano homoeopathy, says, “Usually some of the homeopathic medicines used to cure depression include:

•    Sulphur: Sulphur is prescribed to tame for anxioety, restlessness and fear in someone who is absorbed in his or her thoughts.
•    Lycopodium: Lycopodium is given to those who constantly feel distressed and consider themselves unfortunate. They often feel pangs of sadness too.
•    Natrum- muriaticum: For those who show enormous indifference towards others and show lack of interest in any activity or are extremely fearful, homeopaths usually prescribe natrum-muriaticum.
•    Silicea: Silicea is used to treat any kind of disgust towards life.
•    Aurum met: Aurum met is prescribed to depressed people in order to deviate their mind from feeding on suicidal thoughts.

A couple of others medicines recommended are Kali brom, Nux vomica Crotalus,Agnus Cast, Acid Phos and Phosphorus. However, it is the safest not to indulge in self medication and see a doctor to help you get symptomatic treatment.

So, if you want depression to be rooted out from your life or your loved one's life then immediately seek help of a homeopath and bid goodbye to depression.