Homeopathic treatment approach for sore throat

Homeopathic remedies to treat sore throat are extremely safe and effective to use. Here we list some of them for you.

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Homeopathic treatment approach for sore throat

Recurrent sore throat due to enlarged tonsils should not be considered as a surgical complaint. Majority of the children with sore throat can be benefitted with systematic homeopathic treatment.

Sore Throat Remedies

Homeopathy treatment for sore throat is safe and effective as the homeopathic remedies are derived from natural products. Homeopathy does not consider removal of tonsils as an option. According to homeopathy treatment should make the organ healthy and removing is not physiological and wise.

As homeopathy considers that a disease is caused due to disharmony in the body ---it does not focus on treating the so-called causative factors, viruses and bacteria, but aims to boost and stimulate the immunity against these viruses and bacteria.

  • It offers a safe and permanent cure
  • These medicines do not have side effects.
  • Useful for treatment of both the acute condition and recurrence of tonsillitis.

Homeopathy believes in treating the patient and not the disease. Your immunity against the bacteria and viruses is increased decreasing the risk of recurrence. Earlier treatment of sore throat with homeopathy provides more speedy and complete recovery.

As it boosts your immunity against the disease process—the problem of enlarged tonsils or sore throat is cured permanently.

Before prescribing any medicine your homeopathic physician will take a complete history and examine you. The medicine are selected considering the mode of onset of disease, character of disease, symptoms, provoking factor, thirst, sweat, shivering, mental restlessness, appetite, sleep and stool habit. A well selected homeopathic remedy can provide an effective and lasting cure from sore throat.

Sore Throat Remedies

Common Homeopathic Remedies for Sore Throat

  • Belladonna: Commonest used in sore throat
  • Hepar sulph: Used in patients with sore throat if the infection is severe
  • Arsenicum album: Used if sore throat is accompanied by chilliness with fever
  • Rus tox: Useful in patients with painful throat (helped by warm drinks)
  • Gelsemium: Useful in sore throat in which infection develops slowly over a period of days
  • Phytolacca: Useful for patients with bad body ache with fever
  • Ferrum phos: Used in patients with red and swollen tonsils.

Correct selection of a remedy is important for relief and is a matter of experience and right judgment by the homeopathic doctor. To obtain total relief or cure the homeopathic remedy must be taken regularly for about 16 to 20 months. However the duration of treatment varies depending on the severity of tonsillitis or enlarged tonsils.

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