Home Remedies for Low Libido

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Feb 02, 2013

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Home Remedies for Low Libido

Low libido affects us all at some stage, or to some degree, but it is a manageable complaint. It can be quite worrying at times, but it’s not at all unnatural to go through periods of having a low sex drive.  Certain factors can induce it, but these can all be remedied – in the short-term – using a variety of methods, but it shouldn’t be a long term issue for you.


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Maintaining a balanced diet - with plenty of fruit, vegetables and water – is par for the course when it comes to any health condition or sexual complaint. However, there are some foods, which have a reputation for increasing libido.


  • Whether it’s cliché or not, oysters have the components to stimulate your sexual senses. They are the “go to” aphrodisiac historically when you’re feeling low; they’re loaded with zinc which increases the sperm count and testosterone levels, and the critical hormone dopamine, which is linked to hyper-sexuality. 
  • Celery contains androsterone, which acts as a pheromone for women, i.e. they become sexually aroused by it.
  • The traditional banana is rich in potassium, but it’s also loaded with vitamin B supplements which increase energy levels, and bromelain enzymes which are linked to sex-drive.
  • Avocados are weighted with folic acid, which boosts energy levels and gets the mind and the body right for sex.
  • Eggs - which are laden with vitamins B5 and B6 - and various types of nuts promote the production of hormones.


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  • Grind equal quantities of black gram, rice wheat and long pepper; fry this in pure ghee and cook it with milk. Add some sugar to it before eating.
  • Create a mixture of triphala powder and water, before adding a spoon if pure honey; take this in the morning.
  • Place a teaspoon of honey into a glass of milk; it really helps to drive the immune system, giving a feeling of vitality and energy.
  • Meditation, yoga or listening to soft music.
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking and soft drugs.


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  • Manage your stress levels; if you are feeling drained and worn out, then a low sex-drive is a natural consequence of this.
  • Talk to your partner about it, maybe s/he can help.
  • You could try holistic treatments, which help to stimulate a low sex-drive. Herbs have been used as sexual healers through the ages; two of which are Smilax (Sarsaoarilla) and Eleutherociccus Senticosis (Siberian Ginseng). However, it may be worth speaking to a holistic expert before you try any of these on your own.



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