Home remedies for bronchitis

Home remedies for bronchitis are the best course of treatment for bronchial sickness as they improve the condition within two to three weeks sans side-effects.

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Home RemediesWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Nov 27, 2012
Home remedies for bronchitis

If you spend an entire night with dreadful chest thumping and end up waking up with a coughing fit in the morning, you probably have developed acute bronchitis. Bronchitis makes one experience tightness in the chest, chills, fever, breathlessness, aching throat or wheezing and have an inflamed respiratory tract.


Symptoms of Bronchitis

To relieve these symptoms of bronchitis, resort to the enlisted home remedies that are wholly natural and do not trigger any side-effects.

Bronchitis treatment with almond:

Almonds are considered one of the best homemade remedies to treat bronchial sickness. Grind a few almonds and mix the powder in a cup of orange or lemon juice. Drink this mixture every night.

Bronchitis treatment with onion:

This is an age-old remedy for bronchitis. Onions have expectorant characteristics, which help in dissolving the phlegm and curbing further production. Drink a teaspoon of fresh onion juice on an empty stomach to relieve bronchial problem.


Bronchitis treatment with ginger:

Powder ginger, pepper, and cloves and take half a teaspoon of each in a cup and mix them together. You may take the mixture with honey or put it in a cup of tea and gulp it down. This mixture has to be taken three times in a day to reduce the formation of phlegm. It consists of antipyretic characters that help to treat bronchial fever and additionally, increase the metabolic rate of the patient.

Bronchitis treatment by avoiding dairy products:

Dairy products prepared with cow’s milk should be strictly avoided by a patient with bronchitis. The milk contains lactalbumin, which triggers further production of phlegm/mucus in the respiratory tracts and intestines, worsening the condition of the patient.


Acute Bronchitis


Bronchitis treatment with spinach paste:

You will require 50 grams of spinach, 250 ml of water, ammonium chloride and honey. Grind the spinach, add water, a pinch of ammonium chloride and one teaspoon of honey. Consume this mixture at least twice a day for a month or more to relieve the symptoms.


Bronchitis treatment with sesame seeds:

Powder sesame seeds and add a tsp each of linseed and honey and a pinch of salt into one. Take this mixture before you go to bed. This remedy works well to ease the chest pain associated with bronchitis.


Bronchitis treatment with ice and water:

Bronchitis can be treated by keeping oneself hydrated and avoiding drinks containing caffeine and alcohol. You may also suck ice cubes to reduce inflammation associated with bronchitis. Do not eat solid foods and treat yourself with ice cream every now and then. Soups are another good option.


If your bronchitis is getting worse and causing symptoms such as pain in the chest wall, shortness of breath, never-diminishing fever or persistent coughing and mucus, you may have pneumonia. Contact your doctor and avail treatment before your condition aggravates.


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