Heart Disease, Impotence Increase Death Risk

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Mar 29, 2012

Men suffering from heart disease along sexual concerns like erectile dysfunction are more susceptible to death than other heart patients. Researchers reported that risk of death doubles when an individual gets both conditions simultaneously. Panel of researchers raised concerns over dosage of drugs like Pfizer's Viagra or Eli Lilly's Cialis while treating sexual dysfunctions. As per the study, usage of these could add the vows of heart patients. Therefore, it is advised to consult impotency with a cardiologist.

Dr. Michael Bohm of University of Saarland (Germany) led the research panel, which studied 1,519 men in 13 nations undergoing heart treatment. The subjects were enquired about sexual concerns like erectile dysfunction. After assessing them for two years, it was found that 11.3 percent of the patients with erectile dysfunction died, in comparison to 5.6 percent of those with no sexual concerns.

Referring to the condition of erectile dysfunction, Bohm stated, “Erectile dysfunction is something that regularly should be addressed in the medical history of patients; it might be a symptom of early atherosclerosis. It has long been known that erectile dysfunction is a marker for cardiovascular disease.”

Another side of the story are health benefits of Viagra and medication like Eli Lilly's Cialis and Bayer AG's Levitra, which are acknowledged for increasing blood flow. For this reason, some experts rule out abstaining from these drugs when suffering from heart condition. Although, it was agreed by all for treating heart diseases for bettering life expectancy of men with ED.

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