Healthy Banana Fantasy Recipe

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Nov 21, 2011

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Salads can be extremely healthy and nutrition-rich if had in the right way. Go bananas over this recipe and discover the latent taste buds that have so long craved for a banana-retreat!


Key Ingredients: 1 cup juicy & ripe strawberries, ½ pineapple (sliced), 1 mango (diced), 2/3 cup of flax seeds, 3 cups of low fat cottage cheese, 2 ½ ripe bananas (sliced vertically from the centre)


This salad preparation needs a little bit of an arrangement on the plate. Border the plate with the banana slices. Add dollops of that delicious low fat cottage cheese. Add the pineapples to it along with mangoes. Strawberries and flax seeds add to the finesse of the salad. Now you can let go off your taste buds as you dig through the bananas and strawberries and land up into the richness of the cheese! Yummy!


Nutri-check: Bananas are rich in potassium and is an extremely wholesome food. Some even use this as a weight loss technique. Moreover, mangoes provide Vitamin A.



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