Yoga For Obesity: Get In Shape With These Simple Yoga Moves

YogaBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 07, 2019

It is generally observed that people do not take obesity as a disease, even though it is the root of several diseases. Despite awareness, unhealthy food habits and a sedentary lifestyle are major causes of obesity. No matter how much we would like to be in shape, the inability to take out time for the gym or to follow a diet leads to obesity. What we eat makes a lot of difference. Apart from going to the gym, there are several other ways through which one can even out the extra calories consumed in a day.

A practical and tested way of losing weight is yoga. Yoga keeps you fit both physically and mentally. By doing yoga, the body becomes healthy, muscles are toned, and weight is also reduced. Yoga not only reduces the fat stored in the body but also makes the body flexible. We bring to you some basic and simple yoga poses to combat obesity in this week's Health Talk.

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