Neck Pain During Work From Home? These Yoga Asanas Will Provide Relief

YogaBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamApr 16, 2020

Are you working from home during the lockdown? You might be dealing with neck and back pain due to long sitting and limited physical activity. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are locked inside our homes to break the cycle of this virus and bring this to an end. While doing so, most people are complaining of different health issues where neck pain is extremely common. If you are also a sufferer and looking for effective exercises to ease the pain, this video is surely going to help you. Here, a yoga instructor is telling some easy and effective neck exercises to ease cervical pain. If you practice these asanas daily, your neck pain would vanish within a couple of days. You must also maintain physical fitness during the lockdown or else it would pose a lot of health risks. Practice Yoga and meditation daily to keep physical and mental woes away. This would also help in passing this touch time with ease. Encourage your family members to also do the same.

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