Yash Badal Lost 34 Kgs During Lockdown At Home; Know His Inspiring Story

Weight ManagementBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 22, 2021

There are many inspiring weight loss journeys and motivate us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of them is Yash Badal's story, in which he went from being overweight to a fitness freak now. He was a drug addict and wasn't keeping a check on his eating habits. However, he is now a recovery coach, motivational speaker and lifestyle and fitness trainer. Yash said, "I was taking drugs, alcohol and used to eat a whole pack of one kg vanilla ice cream brick everyday. I used to overeat fried and non veg foods daily which made me reach 98 kgs. Even a slight walk used to make me feel breathlessness. I was experiencing night sweats and anxiety became a part of life." 

Back then, Yash was living on the 5th floor. And because the lift was not working, it took him around one hour to climb those stairs. Obesity is a major risk factor of heart ailments and this scared him a lot.  He weighed 98 kgs and was facing several health problems. People started mocking him for being overweight and even his family used to mention it. However, he wanted to lose weight only for being fit and healthy. He met with an accident in 2017, after which Yash started with brisk walking during recovery. He participated in a marathon and that's what motivated him even more. Lockdown was the perfect time to work on his weight.

Yash said, "Due to the lockdown, I used to walk for 8-10 kms in my home only. Exercise became a part of my routine and controlling my eating habits was also an important part. I used to have my last meal at 6pm and nothing after that. For people who want to get fit, it is important to focus on what you are eating, when and in what quantity. I look unrecognisable after losing weight and people appreciate me a lot for the same."