World No Tobacco Day 2019: Tobacco the silent poison

Other DiseasesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamMay 31, 2019

Tobacco is a poison for the human body which gradually kills different organs. Tobacco, either smoked or chewed or inhaled second hand, silently but surely, kills. Consumption of tobacco can trigger the risk of almost 100 small diseases. It is also one of the major factors which increase the risk of cancer especially lung cancer. 31st May is observed as World No Tobacco Day to make people aware of the health hazards of using tobacco.

In this episode of Health Talk, Dr. Avi Kumar, Consultant Pulmnology at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute will describe all the adverse effects of tobacco use and what are the symptoms one may experience. He will also describe the different symptoms that men and women experience differently. Watch this video which will motivate you to quit tobacco today.

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