World Diabetes Day 2019: Doctor's Speak On Effective Ways To Manage Diabetes

DiabetesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamNov 14, 2019

Those who are suffering from diabetes are either on heavy medications or insulin injections. Those on medication should be extremely cautious about their dosages. Medicines should be taken as per a doctor's directive without missing out on any dosage ever. One should know the importance of proper care to manage and treat diabetes adequately. Those on insulin should carry their injection in slightly colder environments. Those on regular medications should keep a thorough check on their meals and meal timings as it can lead to elevated blood sugar levels. 

On this World Diabetes Day 2019, Dr Pratap Singh, Associate Professor, Medicine At RML Hospital, Delhi tells us how important it is to understand the nuances of diabetes for its effective management. The patients on heavy diabetes medication should always carry a glucometer to check their levels. Also, sugar should be checked at various times and maintain a proper record in a register. This disease can be easily controlled by taking some of these measures. Take a pledge to stay healthy this World Diabetes Day and manage the syndrome effectively by following these simple tips given in the video.

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