Winter Diarrhoea: Eat These 3 Food Items To Treat Lose Motions

Healthy DietBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamDec 09, 2020

Winter diarrhoea is caused due to rotavirus in the weather. The problem of lose motions is very common in children. There is a certain diet that one should follow during every season. Some foods should be eaten while some should be avoided in winter season. Here are 3 foods that should be consumed to treat lose motions: 

1. Curd 

Probiotics are very good for lose motions. The most popular as well as effective probiotic food item is curd. The bacteria in curd play a vital role in maintaining the balance. This helps with the stomach problems quickly and keeps the stomach cool. If you're having lose motions, having curd all day is the best thing but not too much as it might cause acidity. Second probiotic thing to consume can be buttermilk along with kaffir lime leaves.

2. Potassium rich foods 

Consumption of potassium rich foods is good during this period, for example: bananas and potatoes. These consist of pectin which helps in absorbing excessive water in the intestine. Bananas also contain important electrolytes. Both bananas and potatoes provide us with good amount of energy. In case of lose motions, one ripened banana should be consumed every two hours. To make it taste better, you can mash the banana and add rock salt to it.

3. Citrus fruits 

Citrus fruits like lemon, grapes, Indian gooseberry ( amla) and sweet lime help in removal of toxics stuck in the body during diarrhoea. You can have such fruits all day long but they shouldn't be consumed empty stomach or at night as it could lead to bloating. Again, to make these taste better, you can add some sugar in the amlas and make it a drink. In order to keep a cool stomach, you can add some lemon juice into a glass of luke warm water and drink it.

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