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Why walking is great for your health

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2016-07-19
When you are looking for workouts that can be beneficial for your health, walking and running would always top the list. People are going through such a hectic and messed up schedule that going to gym is nearly impossible. Yes, when do you expect someone to hit the gym when people are supposed to rush to work, only to work for continuously 8 to 9 hours? Yes, in such a busy schedule, taking out time to lead a healthy lifestyle in next to impossible. Now, walking and running are the easiest workouts that won’t take much time and efforts and prove to be beneficial for health. This video here can show you the benefits of walking and running. Walking is a low impact exercise and everyone can do it. It is such a mild exercise but still it has a number of advantages. Walking is an ultimate cardio workout and just 30 minutes of walk in the morning can be beneficial for your heart, can lower the level of cholesterol, it can reduce type 2 diabetes risk, people who are trying to lose weight can easily lose pounds and you might not believe it but walking can also reduce the risk of dementia, yes, older folks, who has a habit of walking can prevent the risk of dementia as it helps to avoid the risk of brain shrinkage and can retain the memory. If you are looking for toned and sculpted legs like those ramp-walking models have, walking can be a beneficial workout as regular walks can shape your calves, hamstrings and quads. Regular walking can offer you a spurt of energy as walking can work on your stamina by improving blood circulation and oxygen supply throughout the body. And lastly, any workout release endorphins and reduce anxiety and stress, walking is such a workout and it can help you promote positive mental health.
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