Why Is COVID-19 Pandemic Not Ending

MiscellaneousBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamAug 10, 2022

It has been more than 2 years of coronavirus and it still is very much present in our lives. In this period, we have learned to live with covid and so have our bodies. They have got accustomed and immune to the virus. Also, vaccination for coronavirus has helped us reduce the transmission and severe effects on the body. But we are still hoping for it to end soon. When will the covid-19 pandemic end? Watch the video to find out.

There are so many sub-types of covid and their sub-variants. Omicron is the latest one with various variants across the globe. The transmission rate of all omicron variants are high which is why millions of people worldwide are still down with this virus.

What are covid waves?

In order to fight covid, it is very important to understand the pattern of its waves. 

Waves are basically an infection graph. When the infection rate increases rapidly, a wave is speculated. In terms of covid, India has witnessed three waves so far. As per reports, over 40 million Indians got affected by covid. However, the good news is that almost 80% of the Indian population is fully vaccinated. This means that they are immune to the virus and are less likely to develop complications due to this. Experts believe that the chances of a fourth covid wave in India are low. 

India has achieved 80% of herd immunity which is highly likely to reduce the effect of covid. So, we can expect covid pandemic to end soon. If we follow covid protocols including hygiene and social distancing, the pandemic may end sooner.