When Can We Take Vaccine After Covid Infection?

MiscellaneousBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 14, 2021

Government has released new guidelines regarding taking Covid vaccination after an infection on May 19 that you must know about. In this video, we will explain all the scenarios and answer all your FAQs regarding the right time to get vaccinated after an infection.

Scenario 1: When To Take Vaccine If You Were Asymptomatic During Covid

If you were asymptomatic or had mild infection then you can take vaccine after 3 months of recovery.

Scenario 2: What If You Took First Dose But Got Infected Before Taking Second Dose

It is advised to recover from Covid-19 completely first and then after 12 weeks or three months you can take your second dose. It is important to be symptom-free before taking the second dose.

Scenario 3: If You Have Taken Plasma Or Any Other Anti-Body Therapy During Treatment

If you have taken plasma or any other anti-body therapy, then it is important that you should wait for three months after your discharge from the hospital.

Now some FAQs

Do You Need To Take Vaccine At All If You Have Recovered From Covid-19?

Yes, you need to take it but wait for three months.

Can Lactating And Breastfeeding Women Take Vaccines

According to current guidelines, lactating and breastfeeding women can take vaccines.

And What About Pregnant Women 

No, the current guidelines don’t advise that

What If You Were Hospitalised For Some Other Ailment

If you have not suffered from Covid-19 but hospitalized due to some other ailment, then after your discharge you can get vaccine after 4-8 weeks.

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